Paper Editing and Publication Standards

The paper Editing and Publication Standards have been developed according to the ISI Thomson an CNCS requirements as well as the norms imposed by the agreements with the international databases that enter the magazine. According to the linguistic requirements (orthography, orthoepic and punctuation) the norms used are approved by the Romanian Academy, according to DOOM.
The publication of a paper is done if the paper has not been published before (as an abstract or part of a published work or Ph. D Thesis) and if t is not considered for publication by another magazine.
The paper will be considered by the magazine if it is approved by all the co-authors and the submission may be done after the necessary approval notes for the copyright materials, if applicable.
Any paper sent for the publication must meet the requirements for the structure and layout mentioned in the presented model here.
All the elements are included in the assessment criteria for the layout.
The Scientific Editorial Committee, the Scientific Assessment Committee and the Editorial Committee do not assume responsibility for the content of the article published in the magazine that is exclusively assumed by the authors.
They must not by the subject of fraud allegations (violating the norms related to the original research publication, publication without the approval of the authors, plagiarism, publishing without noting the original resources, inappropriate use of the graphs) and in the same time, must mention that the written paper has not been published before. Assuming responsibility is made by an affidavit (here) sent to the magazine accompanying the paper for publication.
All authors are deemed to be individually and collectively responsible for the content of papers published by Annals of the University of Craiova - Economic Sciences Series. Hence, it is the responsibility of each author to ensure that papers submitted to our publication attain the highest ethical standards with respect to plagiarism.
Annals of the University of Craiova - Economic Sciences Series and the Editorial Board place the investigation of each claim of plagiarism at the highest priority for resolution and action.
Moreover, all the received research papers/ manuscripts will be scanned with an anti-plagiarism software, as part of the review process.
If the paper is accepted by for publication, all the authors must agree to transfer the copyrights related to the article to the magazine.
The authors are not charged any fee for the publication of the research paper/manuscript. The Annals of the University of Craiova, Economic Sciences Series is an Open Access Journal, and it is completely free of charge both for authors and for readers.