Paper Assessment Standards

According to the regulation imposed by CNCS and international databases that have entered the magazine, all the scientific papers are subject to assessment (review) standards by the Scientific and the assessment committee of the magazine that has the right to approve or reject the publication of an article.The rating of the scientific committee is: A. Assessment procedure
The scientific article evaluation is made simultaneously by two members of the Scientific Assessment Committee by the double-blind review method, which means both the authors and the assessors names are unknown. The distribution for assessment is made by the Scientific Director, the Editor-in-Chief, the Deputy Editor-in Chief according to the topic of the article and the assessor specialty. The article is sent together with the assessment sheet that must be filled in by the assessor and sent to the editorial committee in electronic format. The assessment sheet is sent back within 15 calendar days. The notes and suggestions are written at the bottom of the sheet in the corresponding field. Also, note may be made electronically marked with a distinct color letter in the text of the article. The editorial committee sends the authors the notes made by the Scientific Assessment Committee. In the case of the articles approved if reviewed, the authors are required to review the initial work that will be checked for implementation of the suggestions that have been made. In the case of major changes, a new approval note from the assessor will be requested. If the article has been rejected, the author is sent the assessors sheet that justifies their decision and the article is not considered for further publication. After editing, the issue is presented to the scientific director that can make final notes and approve it for publication.
B. Assessment criteria The assessment of the articles is done for both the content and the layout.
  1.The content is assessed by: The articles that are highly didactic or documentary are not approved for publication as scientific research if they have unaffectedly contained information, thesis ideas or theories that belong to other people. The authors opinions, comments and suggestions have to be clearly marked and argued solidly. Thus, there is an explicit request for the clear note by the author of the bibliographic references in the footnotes according to the Paper Editing Standards.
  2.The layout is assessed by the Paper Editing and Publication Standards, noting the inconsistencies, omissions and faults.