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The Finances and Banks studying program is addressed to those who wish to pursue a career in the financial and banking domain and intends to provide  the necessary knowledge and skills for training specialists in this domain.

The program is accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Insurance in Higher Education ( ARACIS – the Romanian abbreviation) and it unfolds for a period of 3 years.

Acquired Competences

  • Collecting, analyzing and interpreting economic-financial data.
  • Making reports, studies, economical and financial projects in private and public organizations.
  • Execution of financial operations and transactions specific to financial, banking, insurance, stock exchange institutions.
  • Achieving and tracking the implementation of plans and treasury budgets in private and public organizations.
  • Using statistic- mathematical tools in processing and analysis of information.
  • Using IT equipment and specialized software for economic and financial operations.


The graduates of the studying program Finances and Banks can find jobs in national or multinational companies, public institutions, financial-banking or non-banking institutions, insurance companies, etc.; furthermore, they also have the necessary entrepreneurial competences for initiating and developing their own business. 

Possible jobs/ careers:


  • Banking administrator/ leasing product                   
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment analyst
  • ANAF Inspector
  • Tax consultant
  • Securities investment consultant
  • Customs controller
  • Dealer
  • Bank economist
  • Customs expert/ inspector
  • Insurance inspector
  • Financial-banking inspector
  • Bank officer ( credits, marketing, banking products and services )
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