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The teaching plan is composed of two major programs:
A. Bachelor’s programs;
B. Master’s programs.
Universitary bachelor studies ensure an appropriate qualification level for a job, envisaging the insertion on the labour market, thanks to the general and specialised knowledge provided.

Universitary bachelor studies offer knowledge and important abilities for the corresponding domains. Diploma graduates of bachelor studies may exert their profession according to their abilities, and according to the rights given by their diploma, or may continue universitary studies to a master’s degree.

The master’s degree courses offer a higher specialization than the bachelor’s degrees, the development of the scientific research abilities and represent a compulsory stage for the doctoral studies. The master’s studies also offer to graduates from other fields the possibility to acquire new additional skills. The master’s degree final examination consists of a graduation examination where the student has to present the thesis.

The awarded diploma at the moment of graduation, and also the master’s degree certificate testifies the fact that the owner has acquired general and specialized skills and competences as well as cognitive skills for each profession.

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