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startAdmission toundergraduate studycycle, time education it is organized on study programs and it is based on theselection of filescontaining the resultsobtained on the finals. Upon registration, applicants may choose oneor more programsof study, the order of admission is in descending order, based on thegeneral average ofadmission, correlated witheach candidateoptions and in the limit of places(budgetandtax) approved by theuniversityfor the 2013 -2014 academic year.

General admission average is the average of finals. 

In case of even general admission average, there will be a tie-break, consisting in three criteria, in the following order:

- The grade obtained at written examination of “Romanian Literature”;

- The grade obtained at the written examination of choice, depending on the profile or specialization.

- The grade obtained at the differential assay, according to the profile or specialization.

The status of a student, funded from the budget or tax, shall be updated annually based on the student’s performance.

Acces rapid

Admission calendar 




Prezentare specializări și programe de învățământ

Admission to undergraduate academic studies, distance learning, is available only in tuition fee form, based on file contest, for all programs of study, as follows:

  • First, the ranking of graduates of higher education long-term institutions candidates is done (according to the exam average);
  • Second, the ranking is done based on the high school graduates who own a baccalaureate degree (based on the average of the finals).

Candidates may choose to sign up for all study programs, admission being made "sliding" in descending order, based on the general average of admission, correlated with each candidate options and in the limit of places (budget and tax) approved by the university for the 2013 -2014 academic year.
For enrollment in an education form (frequency or distance) is charged a registration fee.

After displaying partial results of the entrance examination, July 29 to 31, successful candidates from two faculties will have to make the choice and submit the original baccalaureate degree and transcript at the chosen faculty, where he was admitted at a funded form.

Admission calendar

For undergraduate academic studies, time education and distance education entrance, examination will be held during the following days:


  • July, 15 to 26
Summer registration
  • July, 27
Proof of proficiency in English language programs
  • July, 28
Display partial results
  • July, 29 to 31
Confirmation of places, submitting original documents
  • August, 1st 
Redistribution of unconfirmed places and final results
  • August, 1 to 2 
Files withdrawal


  • September, 9 to 14 
Autumn registration
  • September, 15
Proof of proficiency in English language programs
  • September, 17  
Partial Results (budget + fee)
  • September, 18 to 19

Confirmation of places held / Withdrawal files

Redistribution of places unconfirmed and final results.

  • September, 23 to September, 30 to October, 10

Conclusion of tuition contacts

Payment of registration fee

The first installment of the tuition fee.


For the admission session in July 2013, 462 places were offered as a state budget form, 903 places in tuition fee education programs, as well as an extra 655 places for distance learning study program distributed as follows:


Specialization Number of aproved placed by RAQAHE Time education ID
Total Budget Tax
I. Craiova     
1. Management 150 IF / 175 ID 130 49 81 175
2. Marketing 100 IF 90 35 55  
3. Economy ofTrade,Tourism and Services 100 IF 100 40 60  
4. Accountingand Management Information Systems 150 IF / 150 ID 145 60 85 150
5. Informatics 80 IF 80 34 46  
6. Statistics and Economic Forecast 60 IF 60 22 38  
7. Finance and Banking 180 IF / 150 ID 180 58 122 150
8. Finance and Banking (English classes) 30 IF / 0 ID 30 20 10 0
9. Economics and Business Administration 100 IF / 100 ID 100 40 60 100
10. Economics and Business Administration (English classes) 50 IF / 0 ID 50 20 30 0
11. Economics and Economic Communication 50 IF 50 0 50  
TOTAL CRAIOVA 1050 IF / 575ID 1015 378 637 575
II Drobeta Turnu Severin     
1. Finance and Banking 85 IF / 40 ID 85 24 61 40
2. Accountingand Management Information Systems 75 IF 75 20 55  
3. Management 80 IF / 40 ID 80 20 60 40
4. Economy of Trade,Tourism and Services 60 IF 60 0 60  
5. Business Administration 50 IF 50 20 30  
TOTAL DROBETA TR. SEVERIN 350 IF / 80 ID 350 84 266 80
TOTAL FEAA 1400 IF / 655 ID 1365 462 903 655

Duration of undergraduate campus and distance education is 3 years.


A. registration form (can be found at the registration places)

B. Diploma of baccalaureate in original or certified copy (2013 graduates may present evidence showing clearly the average baccalaureate, obtained grade of written examination in "Romanian Literature", or grade at the differential assay, according to the profile or specialization, or grade obtained at the written examination of choice, depending on the profile or specialization
C. Transcript , original or certified copy of it ( must contain notes written legibly and without possibility of misreading);
D. Candidates who have chosen for study programs in English and have a copy of the diploma for one of the tests:
           a. TOEFL - Internet-based (iBT) 92 / computer-based (CBT) 237 / paper-based (PBT) 580
            b. IELTS 6.5
            c. Cambridge Proficiency A, B, C or Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)
            d. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) English with degrees C1/C2 in the written and oral test are admitted to proof of language proficiency
D. Certified copy of birth certificate, authentication can be done by the faculty admissions committee;
E. Certified copy of marriage certificate for persons after marriage and changed their name, authentication can be done by the faculty admissions committee;
F. Receipt of payment of fee for admission or supporting documents for tax exemption (are exempted from paying the registration fee all children’s employees of Universities of Craiova, children of teaching staff from other units and educational institutions, orphans candidates of both parents, those from orphanages or foster care of ethnic Romanian foreign scholars, candidates with disabilities or from families with disabled parents).


Candidates may use this right once and only in one institution of higher education state, in which case the documents submitted must be original;
G. Certificate showing the form of funding (budget or fee) for students or graduates of other specializations of higher education institutions;
H. Diploma or degree for graduates who wish to pursue a second specialization;
I. Copy of C.I. / B.I.
J. 2 ID type pictures;
K. Medical certificate type M.S. (Noting that the entry is used for the admission);
L. File envelope;
At enrollment, the candidate will have the identification card (ID).



For the 2013 - 2014 academic year are proposed the following fees:
• Registration fee  100 RON;
• Matriculation fee 150 RON;
• Tuition fee:
            License - day: 2700 RON / year
            License - ID: 2500 RON / year
All applicants will pay the registration fee. After displaying the results, candidates admitted to state funded places will pay the matriculation fee, and the candidates admitted on tax form will pay the registration fee and the tuition fee.




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